Video Presentations of Conference Technical Papers and Transactions on Haptics Short Papers

This online video program features short video presentations (approx. 3 minutes) prepared by the authors of accepted technical papers and IEEE Transactions on Haptics short papers. The videos are organized in playlists according to thematic sessions that were created for the original conference program. This video program is also available as a set of playlists on the Haptics Symposium YouTube channel.

Neuroscience & Biomechanics
Haptic Perception & Illusions
Device Design and Control
Haptic Rendering
Haptic Data & Sensing
Wearable & On-Body Haptics
Haptic Communication
Medical Haptics & Rehabilitation
Assistive Haptics

Neuroscience & Biomechanics (Session Playlist)

Mechanisms of Friction Reduction in Longitudinal Ultrasonic Surface Haptic Devices with Non-Collinear Vibrations and Finger Displacement by Diana Angelica Torres Guzman, Eric Vezzoli, Betty Lemaire-Semail, Mike Adams, Christophe Giraud-Audine, Frederic Giraud and Michel Amberg

Submillimeter Lateral Displacement Enables Friction Sensing and Awareness of Surface Slipperiness by Hafiz Malik Naqash Afzal, Emma Stubbs, Heba Khamis, Alastair Loutit, Stephen Redmond, Richard Vickery, Michael Wiertlewski and Ingvars Birznieks  Winner, Best IEEE ToH Short Paper Award

Haptic Perception & Illusions (Session Playlist)

Chemical-Induced Thermal Grill Illusion by Takumi Hamazaki, Miku Kaneda, Jianyao Zhang, Seitaro Kaneko and Hiroyuki Kajimoto  Honorable Mention, Best Conference Technical Paper Award

Evaluation of Rotation Gestures in Rotary vs. Motionless Knobs by Yuri De Pra, Federico Fontana, Hanna Järveläinen, Stefano Papetti, Matteo Bianchi and Mauro Sonego

Surfaces with Finger-Sized Concave Feel Softer by Koki Inoue, Shogo Okamoto, Yasuhiro Akiyama and Yoji Yamada

"Tap Stimulation": An Alternative to Vibrations to Convey the Apparent Haptic Motion Illusion by Inès Lacôte, Claudio Pacchierotti, Marie Babel, Maud Marchal and David Gueorguiev

VibroWeight: Simulating Weight and Center of Gravity Changes of Objects in Virtual Reality for Enhanced Realism by Xian Wang, Diego Vilela Monteiro, LIK-HANG LEE, Pan Hui and Hai-Ning Liang

Device Design and Control (Session Playlist)

Evaluation of Vibrotactile Output from a Rotating Motor Actuator by Ravali Gourishetti and Katherine J. Kuchenbecker  Honorable Mention, Best IEEE ToH Short Paper Award

LRAir: Non-Contact Haptics Using Synthetic Jets by Craig Shultz and Chris Harrison  Winner, Best Conference Technical Paper Award

Stability and Rendering Limitations of a Parallel Hybrid Active-Passive Haptic Interface by Patrick Dills, Alexander Dawson-Elli, Kreg Gruben, Peter G. Adamczyk and Michael Zinn

Haptic Rendering (Session Playlist)

Assessing the Perceived Realism of Kinesthetic Haptic Renderings under Parameter Variations by Bolun Zhang, Michael Hagenow, Bilge Mutlu, Michael Gleicher and Michael Zinn

A Low-Parameter Rendering Algorithm for Fine Textures by David Burns, Roberta Klatzky, Michael Peshkin and Edward Colgate  Runner Up, Best IEEE ToH Short Paper Award

Transducer Preselection in Ultrasonic Phased Array to Form Multiple Foci on a Non-Planar Surface by Takumi Abe, Atsushi Matsubayashi, Yasutoshi Makino and Hiroyuki Shinoda

Haptic Data & Sensing (Session Playlist)

Automated Quality Assessment for Compressed Vibrotactile Signals Using Multi-Method Assessment Fusion by Andreas Noll, Markus Hofbauer, Evelyn Muschter, Shu-Chen Li and Eckehard Steinbach

DeepXPalm: Tilt and Position Rendering Using Palm-Worn Haptic Display and CNN-Based Tactile Pattern Recognition by Miguel Altamirano Cabrera, Oleg Sautenkov, Jonathan Jonathan Tirado, Aleksey Fedoseev, Pavel Kopanev, Hiroyuki Kajimoto and Dzmitry Tsetserukou

Texture Classification by Audio-Tactile Crossmodal Congruence by Yawen Liu, Shihan Lu and Heather Culbertson  Finalist, Best Conference Technical Paper Award

Wearable & On-Body Haptics (Session Playlist)

Comparing the Perception of Vibrotactile Feedback across Frequency and Body Location by Ryan Racel Quick, Anisha Bontula and Naomi T. Fitter

Wearable Cutaneous Device for Applying Position/location Haptic Feedback in Navigation Applications by Lisheng Kuang, Marco Aggravi, Paolo Robuffo Giordano and Claudio Pacchierotti

Haptic Communication (Session Playlist)

Design and Comparison of Haptic Policies for Human Guidance by Gianluca Paolocci, Tommaso Lisini Baldi, Ludovico Sampieri and Domenico Prattichizzo  Finalist, Best Conference Technical Paper Award

How Haptics Induce Social Behavior: An Exploratory Study of Public Goods Games with Tactile Sharing on the Internet Using a Behavioral Economics Approach by Daisuke Takeuchi, Keigo Inukai, Masaki Suyama, Nao Manabe, Taku Tanichi, Yoshihiro Tanaka, Junji Watanabe, Aiko Murata and Kouta Minamizawa

Relationship between Onomatopoeia and Physical Properties When Pressing a Soft Object by Miku Kaneda, Masahiro Takeuchi, Seitaro Kaneko and Hiroyuki Kajimoto

Subtle Contact Nuances in the Delivery of Human-To-Human Touch Distinguish Emotional Sentiment by Shan Xu, Chang Xu, Sarah McIntyre, Hakan Olausson and Gregory J. Gerling

Medical Haptics & Rehabilitation (Session Playlist)

Multi-Modal Mechanism for Enhancing Haptics and Safety in Handheld Surgical Grasping by Milton Aguirre, Krishna Dheeraj Kommuri, Duncan Isbister and Juan Gallego

A Novel Pulley-Based Simulator for Ureteroscopy with Visuo-Haptic Feedback by Jonathan Madera, Craig Peters and Ann Majewicz Fey

Robotically Embodied Biological Neural Networks to Investigate Haptic Restoration with Neuroprosthetic Hands by Craig Ades, MOAED ABD, Sarah Du, Jianning wei, Emmanuelle Tognoli and Erik Daniel Engeberg

Towards Telementoring for Needle Insertion: Effects of Haptic and Visual Feedback on Mentor Perception of Trainee Forces by Lourdes Romy Reyes, Phillip Gavino, Yi Zheng, Jacob Boehm, Mark Yeatman, Shruti Hegde, Caroline Park, Edoardo Battaglia and Ann Majewicz Fey

Assistive Haptics (Session Playlist)

Audio-Tactile Reader (ATR): Interaction Concepts for Students with Blindness to Explore Digital STEM Documents on a 2D Haptic Device by Giuseppe Melfi, Lukas Schölch, Thorsten Schwarz, Karin Müller and Rainer Stiefelhagen  Finalist, Best Conference Technical Paper Award

Perception of Electrostatic Friction Stimuli in Free Surface Exploration by Yongjae Yoo, Jongho Lim, Hanseul Cho and Seungmoon Choi

A Smart Bracelet Supporting Tactile Communication and Interaction by Stejara Dinulescu, Neeli Tummala, Gregory Reardon, Bharat Dandu, Dustin Goetz, Sven Topp and Yon Visell  Runner Up, Best Conference Technical Paper Award

Tactile Pictograms Displayed on Pin Array Tablets for Blind Children by Carolane Mascle, Christophe Jouffrais, Gwenaël Kaminski and Florence Bara

Vibration-Based Communication for Deafblind People by David C. Kutner and Suncica Hadzidedic